S tray dog menace has become a serious problem at different locations in the State. The menace proves dangerous for the lives of pedestrians and travellers alike. In Ponda, the menace has been noticed at almost every spot. At Tisk, stray dogs occupy the pavement and also loiter around along the road. The same is also noticed at the KTC bus terminus. The situation turns dangerous for commuters awaiting for buses at the platform of this bus-stand. Recently stray dogs were noticed at the parking area opposite Maruti temple at Warkhandem. Due to this, persons wishing to park their two-wheelers face great risk and danger. It is absolutely necessary that the Ponda Municipal Council (PMC) initiates prompt positive steps to curb this growing menace so that public at large are assured safety on a permanent basis. Unless this matter is tackled on a war footing, it would be extremely difficult to bring the existing dangerous situation under firm control.